John Cox

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John Cox is a community development worker living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has a long history of advocacy on behalf of persons with disabilities, working for the last 23 years with the Nova Scotia chapter of People First, the oldest and most recognized self-advocacy organization for people who have been labeled intellectually disabled. The organization advocates for the equality rights and inclusion of people who have been known by their disabilities but want to be known as “people first”. John is also a board member of the Canadian Association of Community Living and a member of that body’s National Task Force on Deinstitutionalization. He was recently instrumental in producing ‘The Freedom Tour’ DVD by People First of Canada

Fellowship Project:; An examination of the advocacy work of people labeled as having intellectual disabilities, and the influence and impact their mobilization has had on Canadian policies of inclusion, through the documentation of the history of the People First movement in Canada and Nova Scotia.

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