Luc Gaudet

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Luc Gaudet is the founder and artistic director of Mise au jeu, a Montréal-based participatory intervention theatre company. Luc has been actively engaged in the production of intervention theatre for more than 30 years. Inspired by the techniques used in Augusto Boal’s “Theatre of the Oppressed”, his research on the use of games and theatre as a tool for personal and social development has taken him throughout Québec, to Central and Eastern Europe, Central America, the Philippines, Indonesia and more recently West Africa.


As executive and artistic director of Mise au jeu, Luc has worked with his team to develop innovative approaches for encouraging citizens to participate in regional development and promote living together better.

Since 2010, Luc has been a contributor to the “Québec Network for Social Innovation” (Réseau québécois en innovation sociale (RQIS)), and been actively involved in PRAXCIT Team led by the Montreal Research Centre on social inequality and discrimination and alternative citizen participation (Centre de recherche de Montréal sur les inégalités sociales, les discriminations et les pratiques alternatives de citoyenneté (CREMIS)), which develops and tests participatory practices for citizen action on social inequality.

He also sits on the executive board of Québec’s Tools of Peace, an innovative network that promotes the transfer of skills needed for the prevention of violence, and is an active participant in the international social art practitioners’ community “Think Tank for change,” which is supported by the One Drop Foundation.

Luc will use his sabbatical year to reflect on and assess his 23 years of social interventions through Mise au Jeu and establish a model of the crucial stages involved in turning the public into actor. In particular, he will focus on the evocative power and place of play in the process. Luc’s aim is to create new training programs to support a “citizen mobilization and knowledge transfer though art” program as a first step towards the creation of a “citizen involvement through the arts” mobile school program.

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