The Carold Institute Announces A New Fellowship Program in Partnership with Community Foundations of Canada

The Carold Institute and Community Foundations of Canada are coming together to launch the Community Philanthropy Fellowship program to catalyze action, thought-leadership and innovation in the field of community philanthropy in Canada. The people leading community foundations play a key role in the vibrancy of voluntary action and citizen engagement.

The Carold Institute and Community Foundations of Canada have agreed to launch the Community Philanthropy Fellowship, modelled on Carold’s very successful Alan Thomas Fellowship. The new program will increase the number and range of sabbatical opportunities for leaders in the voluntary sector. The specific goals of the Community Philanthropy Fellowship program are to:

  • Advance the field and practice of community and place-based philanthropy in Canada
  • Strengthen and enhance the community foundation movement
  • Foster and encourage the professional development of community foundation leaders in their organizations, communities and the community foundation movement.

Fellowships will enable community foundation leaders to build their skills and knowledge and to apply their experience to enhance their leadership, the impact and strength of their community foundation, and ideally the community foundation movement as a whole.

The fellowship would encourage applications from leaders across the community foundation movement. This includes any staff in a leadership role in community foundations who demonstrate qualities of leadership in their organization, their community and/or the community foundation movement.

Some potential themes or areas of focus that we’ve identified include:

  • Aboriginal reconciliation
  • Urbanization and urban renewal
  • Food security and food systems
  • Youth and intergenerational issues
  • Natural spaces
  • Social enterprise and impact investing

The first call for applications will be made in July 2015 through Community Foundations Canada. It is expected that the first fellow will be appointed in early 2016.